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United By Blue- Walnut St

"Doing the dirty work is in our DNA: we organized our first community cleanup the week we sold our first t-shirt. Years later, we’re still hauling old tires, gathering plastic bottles, and picking up the bits of styrofoam that litter our shorelines. Our dream is to eliminate the need for this mission one day, so our pursuit doesn’t stop at reusable trash bags. We prioritize sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing to lead the charge toward better business practices. We facilitate easy ways for our customers to generate less waste by creating products like reusable utensil kits."

Akildaelphia Creative Contracting, LLC provides expert renovation and remodeling services throughout the Philadelphia area. We provide consultation services from top to bottom and work with top-notch partners to being you a final product that is beyond your wildest renovation dreams. Whether it's residential, retail, corporate or hospitality, our minds know no bounds to creativity.

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